Date: May 28th, 2020

Are you out of clean shirts to wear?
Did you rip your favorite T-shirt tearing out that old boiler?
Nexus can help!
Buy $100 of Hydronic Efficiency Products and we’ll send out your new favorite T-shirt!

Sale Begins June 1st, 2020

Hydronic Efficiency Products Sale Only:


Smart Series

The Smart Series of air and dirt separators remove even the smallest microbubbles and minuscule dirt particles from the system water. Thanks to the innovative design, the pressure loss in the system is kept to a negligible minimum. The 360° rotating connection and compact dimensions of the Smart Series enables them to be easily installed even when space is limited. The Smart Series delivers the best performance on the market!




The Flexvent

The compact, proven design is reliable and highly efficient at removing air from hydronic heating and cooling systems. The protective cap includes expansion sealer rings ensuring that the Flexvent will not leak. There is substantial distance between the water and the closing mechanism, reducing the chance of contamination. Most Flexvent options are equipped with a shut-off valve for easy installation and dismantling. The air escape tube can be opened or closed with an adjustment screw. 



The Flexconsole

The Flexconsole provides secure wall mounting for expansion tank installations. Using the Flexconsole, the expansion tank attaches for a secure vertical mounting position. The Flexconsole completes the expansion tank installation with added safety and security.


Terms & Conditions:

It’s so easy!

  • Buy $100 worth of Hydronic Efficiency Products from your favorite Nexus source in the next 30 days
  • Shoot your best picture of the Nexus product installed on your job site (bonus if YOU are in the picture!)
  • Shoot another picture of your invoice dated after June 1, 2020 (just to prove that you paid for it!)
  • Email your picture of the Nexus product and your invoice to us at rewards@nexusvalve.com
  • Make sure to note your T-shirt size as well as the mailing address so we know where to send it


That’s it!  Send us the two pictures, your T-shirt size, and your address and we’ll send out your Nexus T-shirt!  We’ll run the program until we run out of T-shirts so get your pictures into us today!

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