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Flamco Clean Smart

The Flamco Clean Smart dirt separators remove even the most minuscule dirt particles from the system water. They are virtually maintenance-free and have a negligibly low flow resistance. By substantially reducing the water velocity in the entrapment chamber the dirt particles are allowed to sink to the dirt collector at the bottom. A supermagnet additionally contributes in trapping ferrous particles. The 360° rotating connection and compact dimensions of the Flamco Clean Smart series enables them to be easily installed even when space is limited. These dirt separators are the new standard for heating and cooling systems.

Sumbittal Sheet   

• 60% better performance compared to conventional separators
• Four neodymium supermagnets are incorporated into the logo
• Extremely low flow resistance and low loss of energy
• Consistent performance throughout its service life
• Can be used with all kinds of pipes
• Compact dimensions, light weight
• Min/max working temperature: 14°F/248°F
• Max working pressure: 145 PSI
• Unique flow velocities, up to 9.8 f/s
• Available in various sizes up to 2”
• Brass and high-grade plastics
• Glycol mixture up to 50%
• Insulation kit available