Apex High School

Location: Apex, NC
Delivery Date: 07/26/2018
Representative: Thermal Resource Sales

Before being demolished Apex High School lacked the space, layout, and technology to support both the growing student population and modern learning styles. However, with this new 385,000 square-foot, $75 million campus, students will enjoy a wireless facility that will stand four to five stories tall in certain areas and contain 154 new parking spaces in a two-level parking deck. Apex is the home of the Academy of Information Technology (AOIT), a curriculum that focuses on applications, web development, and computer programming. The new high school will provide better space to allow for group participation to assist with AOIT program and other rigorous courses, including STEM education, and workplace-based professional training opportunities. Nexus is pleased to work with Thermal Resource Sales to help facilitate educational accommodations for the students of our future.

203 A2Y Coil Paks, 21 A3Y Coil Paks, 20 A2FY Coil Paks