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The Tribus: A 6-Way Control Valve

At Nexus, our business and products should be simple and efficient. From our beginning a little more than 25 years ago, simplicity and efficiency have been at the center of how we approach the market both in terms of our products and our operations. With both simplicity and efficiency in mind, Nexus is pleased to introduce to the market the Tribus 6-Way valve. 

The Tribus by Nexus is a simple product to interact with.  With just a few options, our product is easy to manage.  Using the Tribus one can reduce the number of valves required in an installation from four to just one.  That’s simple!

Efficiencies are also scored when using the Tribus 6-Way valve.  By reducing the number of control valves in an application, there are less connections to be made making a much more time efficient and secure installation.  In addition, to the valve connections, there may be reduced materials requirement in the field. 

The Tribus allows for one, two-pipe terminal device to be used for both hot and chilled water without blending the fluids.  This is achieved by a dedicated circuit for the supply and return of both hot and chilled water as well as a common connection to the terminal device.

Controlling the Tribus is also easy and requires just one actuator that is efficient to install with a simple twist, no tools required!  This actuator with the correct inputs from the building automation system or in-room sensor will automatically switch from heating mode to cooling mode or off when there is no demand for heating or cooling.

Also available with the Tribus are a series of calibrated Cv discs that can be installed to provide the right amount of control to both the heating or cooling circuits.  Each valve is provided with 12 Cv discs (2 of each Cv) to set the desired control.  An optional mounting bracket can be purchased to support the weight of the valve if necessary, in the installation.

Nexus’ business has been focused on simple efficiency.  If you are looking to make your chilled and hot water installations simpler and more efficient, contact your local Nexus representative today and learn more about Tribus.