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Ferguson Enterprises Inc. HQ

In Newport News, Virginia, the largest residential and commercial plumbing wholesaler, Ferguson Enterprises, is working on building a new headquarters. The new HQ3 will be located at the City Center at Oyster Point and will hold the company’s corporate training and development center as well as corporate departments.

W.M. Jordan Company is working on the 8 story building, completing it’s 260,000 square foot project with cafe spaces, break-out spaces for team development, and a beautiful rooftop terrace. Nexus had the pleasure of working with our Representative Robert S. Lovelace Co. in providing the construction with 468 NXH Hose Paks and 244 A2Y Coil Paks.

Nexus Hose Paks and Coil Paks are leading flow control valves accessories. They are pre-configured and leak tested assemblies that reduce field labor and eliminate potential leak points. Nexus products will help Ferguson’s new HQ3 operate more efficiently while also reducing their building’s carbon footprint and reliance on costly energy.

Construction Date

August, 2019


Newport News, Virginia


Robert S. Lovelace Co.