Butterfly Valve Model BVT

A threaded type butterfly valve with infinite position top plate, memory stop, and lever handle.

Product description

Threaded Style Butterfly Valve

  • 175 PSIG, 250ºF

  • Lever handle with infinite memory stop

Valve Body:                                  Epoxy coated cast iron ASTM A126 Class B

Bushings:                                     PTFE / fiberglass, steel backing

Seat:                                             EPDM with phenolic backing

Shaft:                                           416 stainless steel

Disk:                                             304 stainless steel

Disk Pins:                                    416 stainless steel

Stem Seal:                                  Buna-N (nitrile)

Top Plate:                                   Chrome plated steel

Indicator:                                     Steel with chrome plating

Indicator Bolt Set:                      Steel with zinc plating

Memory Stop Bolt Set:              Steel with zinc plating

Latch/Lock Handle:                  Epoxy coated cast iron

Studs & Nuts:                             Zinc plated steel

Threaded Adapter:                    Ductile iron, ASTM A 395, 175 PSIG, 250ºF, 

                                                      standard 125# class B flanges


Size CV (Full Open)
2 ½"