Bypass Kit™ BKU

Pre-Configured Flushing Bypass Valve Kit
Combination flushing bypass equipped with, two UltraT™ UTU double union end tees and SBV ball valve.

Product description

Flushing Bypass Kit with Isolation Valve

  • 600 WOG, 325°F

  • Fixed end available in FNPT, SWT, NexPress™, and NexLok™

  • Interchangeable union ends

  • O-ring seals

  • Blowout-proof shafts

  • Double shaft seals

  • Line size isolation valve

  • Fixed bypass connection

Body & Fixed End:                                  Forged Brass ASTM B283

Handle & Nut:                                         Zinc Plated / handle PVC coated

Shaft:                                                       Brass

Ball:                                                          Hard chrome plated brass 

Ball Seals:                                               Teflon

Shaft Seals:                                            Dual FKM o-rings

Tees & Fixed Ends:                               Forged Brass ASTM B283

Union Seals:                                           FKM o-ring

Tail Pieces & Union Nut:                      Brass

½” thru 2”

FNPT, Sweat, & NexPress

  • Hanging Tag
  • Manual Air Vent
  • Short Lever Handle