Hose Pak MNH

Pre-Configured Hose Package
The return-side is equipped with the UltraMB™ MB combination multi-turn manual flow control valve, ball valve, and union end with two pressure and temperature test plugs; UltraFlex™ stainless steel hose.
The supply-side is equipped with the UltraNXP™ NXP combination ball valve and union end with a pressure and temperature test plug; UltraFlex™ stainless steel hose.

Product description

½" LO, ¾" LO, 1" LO
0.25 GPM - 8.00 GPM
¾" STD, 1" STD, 1¼"LO
0.45 GPM - 18.00 GPM
1¼" STD, 1½"
1.00 GPM - 40.00 GPM


FNPT, Sweat, NexPress, & NexLok

  • Hanging Tag
  • Extension Kits
  • Short Lever Handle
  • HNA Hose Adapter
  • HSA Hose Adapter
  • HPA Hose Adapter
  • Manual Air Vent