Hose Pak NYH

Pre-Configured Hose Package
The return-side is equipped with the UltraNXP™ NXP combination ball valve and union end with a pressure and temperature test plug; UltraFlex™ stainless steel hose.
The supply-side is equipped with the UltraY™ UY combination strainer, ball valve, and union end with a pressure and temperature test plug and a blowdown/drain valve; UltraFlex™ stainless steel hose.

Product description

Hose Pak with Ball Valve Flow Control

  • 600 WOG, 325°F

  • Fixed end available in FNPT, SWT, NexPress™, and NexLok™

  • Stainless steel hoses

  • O-ring seals

  • Blowout-proof shafts

  • Double shaft seals

  • Removable filter screen

  • Blowdown/drain valve

Body & Fixed End:                                  Forged Brass ASTM B283

Handles & Nuts:                                     Zinc plated / handle PVC coated

Balls:                                                        Hard chrome plated brass / stainless steel (optional)

Ball Seals:                                               Teflon

Shafts:                                                     Brass / stainless steel (optional)

Shaft Seals:                                            Dual FKM o-rings

Union Seals:                                           FKM o-ring

Cap Seals:                                              FKM O-Ring

Strainer Basket:                                    20 mesh, 304 stainless steel, 40 mesh (optional)

Tail Pieces & Union Nuts:                    Brass

Hose Core:                                            Fabric reinforced EPDM

Hose Braid:                                           Stainless steel

Hose Ferrules:                                      Stainless steel

Hose Gasket:                                        EPDM

Hose Fittings:                                       Brass OT58

½” thru 1½”

½", ¾" LO, 1" LO
Sweat, Female, NexPress, and NexLok
¾" STD, 1" STD, 1¼ LO
Sweat, Female, NexPress, and NexLok
1¼" STD, 1½"
Sweat, Female, NexPress, and NexLok


FNPT, Sweat, NexPress, & NexLok

  • Hanging Tag
  • Check Valve
  • Extension Kits
  • Short Lever Handle
  • Memory Stop
  • HNA Hose Adapter
  • HSA Hose Adapter
  • HPA Hose Adapter