UltraMatic™ UMNL

The UltraMatic UMNL lead-free, NSF/ ANSI 61 & 372 certified automatic flow limiting valve specifically designed for domestic potable water applications.

The UMNL is one of the most unique devices in the industry with its non-clogging design and field accessible cartridge. The cartridge is made of stainless steel and composite moving parts and has a control accuracy of ±5% across the control range. The UMNL comes standard with two pressure and temperature test plugs, and two FNPT end connections. All valves are 100% factory leak tested and contain less than 0.25% lead content by weight on wetted surfaces.

Product description

½” thru 1” Automatic Flow Control Valve

  • 600 WOG, 250ºF                 

  • Two FNPT End Connections

  • Lead-Free Brass Construction

  • Removable, non-clogging flow cartridge

  • Accuracy ± 5%

Body & Cap:                 Lead-Free DZR Brass C46500

Plug:                             Lead-Free Brass C26000

Cap Seal:                      FKM O-Ring

Flow Cartridge:           304 Stainless steel and composite moving parts in composite housing, removable

Cartridge Seal:           EPDM

Accuracy:                    ±5%

  • ½”
  • ¾”
  • 1″

½”        0.50 GPM thru 6.00 GPM

¾”        0.50 GPM thru 6.00 GPM

1″         0.50 GPM thru  6.00 GPM


Threaded FNPT

  • Hanging Tag
  • Pressure / Temperature Test Plug Extension