UltraMatic™ UMT

An automatic flow control valve (AFCV) with threaded ends. The UMT comes standard with two pressure and temperature test plugs and additional ports for optional accessories.

Product description

Automatic Flow Control Valve, Threaded Ends                       

  • 175 PSIG, 250ºF

  • FNPT threads

  • Body tag

  • Removable, non-clogging flow cartridge

  • Accuracy ±5%

Body:                                                    Epoxy coated ductile iron ASTM A536, 400 PSIG, 350ºF

Flange Gaskets:                                 EPDM

Flow Cartridge:                                   Brass / 304 stainless steel

Cartridge Seal:                                    EPDM gasket

Studs & Nuts:                                      Zinc Plated Steel

Grooved Adapters:                             Ductile Iron ASTM A395, 175 PSIG, 250ºF, Standard 125# Class B Flanges

2″ and 2½”

Size Flow Rate
25.00 GPM thru 240.00 GPM
25.00 GPM thru 240.00 GPM


  • Automatic Air Vent
  • Manual Air Vent
  • Manual Air Vent Extended
  • Blowdown Vent/Drain
  • Thermometer Well
  • Hanging Tag
  • Pressure / Temperature Test Plug Extension