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Tribus 6-Way Control Valve

The Nexus Tribus 6-Way control valve for hydronic heating and cooling systems replaces two 2-way valves and two actuators required to connect a 4-pipe system to a single coil. The unique compact feature of the Tribus 6-way valve reduces installation cost, lessens power consumption, and is ideal for chilled beams and radiant ceiling applications.

Independent Cv insert discs can be selected to individually balance flow rates for heating and cooling. The single data point 0-10Vdc modulates control with zero percent leakage, in the closed position and provides optimum climate control even with different design flows for maximum energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Product Description

Size CV Rates
0.29 thru 2.81


  • Hanging Tag
  • Mounting Bracket w/ Screws
  • Actuator